BIM Services  

F9 Productions is a leading provider of onshore BIM architecture services. We are affordable, fast, and have a qualified team of BIM professionals who have modeled for over 200 leading manufacturers.  We value customer satisfaction by creating high quality content, and we offer the following Revit services:

  • Revit Rendering
  • Custom Revit Family Creation / Product Modeling
  • Full Service Architectural, Shop, and Detail Drafting
  • Revit Training, BIM Consulting, and Revit Setup for your firm

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What's your Revit need?

Revit Rendering Services

Bring your models and thoughts to life!

Custom Revit Families/ Product Modeling

If you need a custom revit family we can make one that meets you or your firm's needs.

Revit Training, BIM Consulting, Firm Setup 

Save time and money by setting your models up correctly. Want to train your staff to be productive? Revit has a steep learning curve and small mistakes in the beginning can cause huge headaches at the end when you don't need them, and sometimes simple solutions can evade you for hours costing your firm valuable productivity and money. 

Architectural, Shop, and Detail Drafting 

Need a little extra horse power on your architectural, shop, or detail drawings? Let F9's team be your fast affordable onshore solutions. Communication is easy, fast, and efficient. 

What current clients are saying.

"Alex created a visually stunning set of renderings for the Longmont Museum's new Auditorium  capital campaign. This work has been critical in helping potential funders visualize that this is a state-of-the-art space that will be a major resource in our community. F9 assisted us every step of the way in making modifications to some of the initial drafts and provided valuable direction for some of the more difficult spaces." 

- Wesley J., Director Longmont Museum & Cultural Center 

"Lance provides creative, timely, high quality services with absolute integrity.  He has earned my highest recommendation."

- Robert Wolfson, (MD MSHA - September 13, 2011) 

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