REVIT TEMPLATE + EMPIRE BUILDER + learn how to create Revit Families
Four years in the making, the elements in LIFT, are a product of the great recession. In 2009 both my business partner and I were laid off. We knew there was no place to find a job, so we had to get work on our own. To be competitive, since we were young, we needed to be: quicker, more competent, and look better than our competition. We accomplished that and thrived in the recession by continually upgrading and creating Revit templates, files, and components that are now the LIFT program. Currently through teaching at CU (University of Colorado Boulder) we have refined what both beginners and professionals can benefit and learn from.  Let us help give you a LIFT.
Start looking professional, laying out your spaces, and be ready to Render! Don't get stuck in bad design decisions because you have limited options.
80 - Chairs
72 - Tables
43 - Entourage Pieces
42 - Sofas
40 - Pendant Lights
21 - End Tables
18 - Beds
17 - Site Components
15 - Fans
9 - Coffee Tables
8 - Benches
8 - Stools
6 - Floor Lamps
6 - Dressers
5 - Credenzas
5 - Fireplaces



Have families is Great! Now learn how to manipulate and create your own!

In this course you will get an overview of revit and start the foundation modeling skills that will lead to your success. You will learn how:

  • How to create a basic shapes and voids
  • How to create a flexible object
  • How to create an object from an image or CAD file
  • How to create type catalogs (if you don't know what type catalogs are this course will show you how to make them and why they are useful)
  • How to create a advance family that flexes, has assigned materials and learn how to create conditional statements for your families.

You will get access to 6 videos, example files and a course outline. You an also download these videos for you to keep!

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