Since 2009 (Alex Gore and Lance Cayko) of F9 Productions Inc. have been a leading local and national provider of REVIT Architectural production and learning services. We are experts in REVIT Architecture, teach REVIT in both the engineering and environmental departments at The University of Colorado Boulder, and also run the very popular website

PART 1) Learn how to model families:

1) Basic family creation exercises

  • Simple shapes, 
  • Custom furniture family
  • Parametric box

2) Advanced family creation exercise (structural platform family) 

3) Advanced family creation exercise (custom window w/ type catalog) 

5) Advanced family creation exercise (custom family of your choice w/ type catalog)  

Part 2) Learn how to create projects:

6) REVIT cabin re-drafting exercise  

  • Three part video training

Part 3) Get designing on your own with our templates, example files, and Q & A:

7) Final REVIT design project of your choice


5 WEEK REVIT COURSE                       +               THE LIFT PLATINUM SET                                                       +               FREE QUESTION Q&A
Online structured course with Videos, files, and examples. 



 + Bonus 1: Three Revit Construction Sets
+ Bonus  2:  395 Revit Families


This is where you get to ask me any Revit question you would like, and I will answer it personally in a video. 

P.S. I just bought a new Microphone so it is going to be GREAT!
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