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resources that we use to make REVIT WORK FOR US! - Alex Gore

Four years in the making, the elements in LIFT, are a product of the great recession, a residential firm in the making and teaching students at CU Boulder. In 2009 both my business partner and I were laid off. We knew there was no place to find a job, so we had to get work on our own. To be competitive, since we were young, we needed to be: quicker, more competent, and look better than our competition. We accomplished that and thrived in the recession by continually upgrading and creating Revit templates, files, and components that are now the LIFT program. Currently through teaching at CU (University of Colorado Boulder) we have refined what both beginners and professionals can benefit and learn from.  Let us help give you a LIFT.

These are not your typical models, that are made in mass with no thought of how they are used in the firm. 


No we are not Revit Genius that can easily make a quintuple-quadruple-inverted-parametric-double-hexagon at the drop of a hat. But we have spent a lot of time creating Revit content for ourselves and for tons and tons of other clients... over 200 different manufactures. We have our own design business and we know what works in the real world, how to build it, and we have translated that to you in these models.

REVIT TEMPLATES : The Tools for Building Your Design Empire 

Add to your arsenal the only Revit file system that gives you a complete template set, example files, and content all in one place. No more guessing, searching, or creating from scratch! This package has: schedules, material takeoff, annotations, tags, levels, and sheets all set up and ready to go. There are also floors, walls, windows, furniture and more ready in order to give you the competitive edge in your market. 


My business partner and I regularly consult with various architectural design firms in our area. One particular firm calls us repeatedly asking for our help during the end of their projects to help them finish up their sets. Not only do we help, but we are compensated for our time in the  thousands of dollars range.  We bring up repeatedly that it would be more efficient and cost saving for us to make them a template for their repeated work instead of scrambling at the end of a project to finish the job. Not only would this save them thousands on their fees to us in the end, but the organization and peace of mind during the design and construction documentation phase would be well worth the cost.  

If you are starting revit from scratch or want a cleaner way to execute your projects.. Meaning you want views, sheets, families systems, or components at your finger tips. Or you are worried about the organization, how to complete a set, what line styles and weight you should use... and wondering am you are doing this right. You are in the correct place. Not only are you taking responsibility to be professional and organized, you are a decision maker who is trying to leap above your peers... well to be punny, let us give you a lift. Simply read though the material below, and click on the subscribe button that fits your needs. We guaranty our product, so there is no risk to you.

Here is how the Templates unleash hidden profits inside your practice.
  • Learners of Revit are often at an unnecessary severe disadvantage. When learning at a professional firm, you are given the templates, files, components, families, and examples you need to get the work done.  When learning Revit outside of the situation you are given some minimal tools that are enough to get you started but so boring they do not give you the edge you need that could make your learning easier and quicker. The gap between the professional's and beginner's world is no longer necessary. We will give you the firm training right away and skip the wasted searching around and building your own library from scratch.

  • When designing in Revit you are BUILDING A BUILDING! There is no need for you to scour the internet for building materials you need. If your assignment  was to make a physical model without balsa wood, cardboard, plywood and glue, you would tell me I'm crazy. That is exactly how most people begin to learn Revit. They then go out onto the internet and download a mass of messy content. Content that doesn't flex, content that won't change materials, etc... This causes you headaches and lost time fussing with content that doesn't work. You don't need this hassle when you start out (fuss with messy content when you are proficient... but by that time you will probably know better). 

  • The last piece of the puzzle is having professional examples to refer to when completing a set of design or construction documents. If though the template and the families you can create a fairly accurate representation of your design, now you can open any one of the three Construction Sets and bring your model up to the professional grade. See how three different construction sets are made, copy and change details, see how different wall sections are put together, and make your model look great. 

If you are starting Revit, Start here.

Try the LIFT with our money back guarantee.

What do you get when you use our Revit Templates and Family files?
Unleash hidden profits inside your practice.

Ready to Go Setup

  • Faster set-up time.  Your levels, views, and sheets are set up for you to start your personal designs.

Content in One Place

  • Quicker production. You will have all the components such as, doors, walls, windows, roofs, and floors etc. that you will need in one file.

Productions at Your Fingertips

  • Easier delivery. From our preset print set up, to our sheet layouts, we make delivery easier in order to make you more profitable.


When the recession hit we had to innovate. The job market for architects dried up and construction came to a halt.  What were we to do? We were trained in architecture and no one was hiring. Lance, my business partner, had kids and a wife to feed, and I had to support myself.  We decided to double down. Instead of going after larger projects, with large commissions, we thought in a time of such sacristy. We were going to pursue volume!  Crazy right?

Our goal was to capture as many remodels, small additions, and houses as we could. To do this we needed to be efficient and fast, all while providing superior quality over the competition.  So we combined all of our experience in the construction field, working at other firms, our vast BIM knowledge, and all of our personal experience into creating an efficient template. 

Over the years we have constantly refined, made it more efficient, added content, eliminated unnecessary families, upgraded, and added builders and duplex set examples. All to increase our profitability, lively hood, and longevity in a turbulent field.  The architecture world is changing and those who excel in Revit will reap the rewards. 

All too often a project is due and you don't have the time to make the correct family or component. You start out a project without a consistent template, and you'r not sure how to put together a proper set.  If this sounds like your recurring struggles, take a look at what we have to offer.  

Does the idea of automatically having the views, sheets, and families you need sound more freeing and enjoyable than trying to cobble together a system on your own?


We built these templates to stay alive in the worst recession since the great depression. Because of these tools, we have developed, we were able to efficiently supply our clients with multiple options, and deliver completed drawings quicker than our competitors. As a result to taking the time to set up our system efficiently.

 This is what our clients had to say: 

"F9 Productions has been a great partner as we created design tools for our SIXINCH North America product line. Lance and Alex are very talented renderers and adept at taking whatever information you can give them and transforming it into a beautiful image. Great communicators, quick turnaround times, attention to detail—we highly recommend them! 

- Karmin Wieland Yonts, Marketing, SIXINCHNorth America "

Tumbtack Reviews. Click here for the link.
The team at F9 is incredibly detail-oriented and delivers work on-time, every time. I was consistently impressed with the quality of their work and very pleased with the end result. I recommend these guys and would work with them again.

- Trent H. co founder of Appliedtrust

"I signed on with Lance and Alex of F9 Productions for the design on our mountain home. They were able to work within my numerous design constraints to create a structure that far surpassed the expectations of my wife and I... In the end the final product was better than we ever thought possible. I highly recommend F9 Productions because they surpassed our expectations while staying within our budget."

- Gary Richard (Director GMP Compliance at BioMarin - January 10, 2012)
"I had the opportunity to work with Lance and Alex on a modern, residential new construction project this year and they were incredible.... Their attention to detail and out-of-the-box creativity never stopped. I would definitely hire them again for a future project and would recommend them to anyone else looking for residential design services that stand out from the crowd."

- Tim Vernier Denver Area Developer
We couldn't have done this without our templates, and now we are offering them to you.

Let's Break Down Exactly What You Get..



Quickly and easily placed Single, Single Glass, Sliding Bifold, Double, Interior Pocket and Garage Doors into your project. 
  • Symbolic lines that indicate swings
  • Panel and Trim material control
  • Scheduling capabilities 
  • Flexible
- COUNT: 10 -
Bifold - 4  Panel (48"x80", 60"x80" Sizes)
Double Flush (60"x80", 60"x96", 68"x80", 68"x96", 72"x80",72"x96"
Double Glass (60"x80", 60"x96", 68"x80", 68"x96", 72"x80",72"x96"
 Interior - Pocket (30"x80", 30"x96"x 32"x80", 32"x96", 36"x80", 36"x96")
Single - Flush (24"x80", 24"x96", 30"x80", 30"x96", 32"x80", 32"x96", 36"x80", 36"x96") 
Single - Glass - No Trim (36"x84", 36"x96"
Sliding - 2 panel (72"x84") 
Sliding - 3 panel (90"x95-1/2", 108"x84", 144 x81-1/2")
Sliding - Closet (48"x80", 48"x96", 60"x80", 60"x96", 68"x80", 68"x96", 72"x80",72"x96")
Garage Overhead - Sectional 16'x8' 


  • Interior and Exterior Trim Material Control
  • 4 Window types (Awning, Casement, Fixed, and Single Hung)
  • Pre-made sizes
  • Flexible
Single Hung

24" x 36", 24" x 42", 24" x 48", 24" x 54", 24" x 60", 24" x 72", 30" x 36", 30" x 42", 30" x 48", 30" x 54", 30" x 60", 36" x 36", 36" x 42", 36" x 48", 36" x 54", 36" x 60", 36" x 72", 42" x 42", 42" x 48", 42" x 54", 42" x 60", 42" x 60", 42" x 72", 48" x 36", 48" x 48", 48" x 54" 48" x 60", 48" x 72",  54" x 54", 54" x 60", 60" x 60"
Fixed Sizes

12" x 12", 12" x 18", 12" x 20", 12" x 24", 12" x 36", 12" x 48", 12" x 54", 12"x 60", 18" x 12", 18" x 18", 18" x 20", 18" x 24", 18" x 36", 18" x 48", 18" x 54", 18"x 60", 20" x 12", 20" x 18", 20" x 20", 20" x 24", 20" x 36", 20" x 48", 20"x 60" 24" x 12", 
24" x 18", 24" x 20", 24" x 24", 24" x 36", 24" x 54", 24" x 60", 30" x 12", 30" x 18",  30" x 24", 30" x 30",  30" x 36", 30" x 42", 30" x 48", 30" x 54", 30" x 60", 36" x 12", 36" x 18", 36" x 20", 36" x 24", 36" x 36", 36" x 48", 36" x 54", 36" x 60", 48" x 12",
48" x 18". 48" x 20", 48" x 24", 48" x 36", 48" x 48", 48" x 54" 48" x 60", 54" x 12", 54" x 20". 54" x 24", 54" x 36", 54" x 48", 54" x 54", 54" x 60", 60" x 12", 60" x 18", 60" x 20", 60" x 24", 60" x 36", 60" x 48", 60" x 54", 60" x 60", 72" x 12",
72" x 18", 72" x 24", 72" x 30", 72" x 36", 72" x 42", 72" x 48", 72" x 54", 72" x 60", 72" x 66", 72" x 72", 96" x 12", 96" x 18", 96" x 24", 96" x 30", 96" x 36", 96" x 42", 96" x 48", 96" x 54", 96" x 60", 96" x 66", 96" x 72", 96" x 78", 96" x 84", 96" x 96"

Casement Sizes

18" x 18", 18" x 24", 18" x 36". 18" x 54", 18" x 60", 20" x 20", 20" x 36", 20" x 48", 20" x 54", 20" x 60", 24" x 24", 24" x 36", 24" x 36", 24" x 48". 24" x 54"  30" x 30", 30" x 36", 30" x 42", 30" x 48", 30" x 54", 30" x 36". 36" x 48", 36" x 54", 36" x 60"

Awning Sizes

12" x 12", 18" x 18", 20" x 20", 20" x 24", 20" x 36", 20" x 40", 24" x 12", 24" x 18", 24" x 20", 24" x 24", 24" x 36", 30" x 12", 30" x 18", 30" x 20", 30" x 24", 30" x 36",
30" x 26",  48" x 12", 48" x 18",  48" x 24", 48" x 36", 48" x 26"


Done-for-you levels, sheets, and views make it easy for you to start a project, enter floors, walls, and roofs so that you can kick out multiple design options quickly. 

  • Easily insert more pages ( 9 per sheet) without having to update every page after. For example: add page A0.1 - General Notes, without having to change every page that comes after A0.

A0.0 - Cover
A1.0 - Lower Floor Plan
A2.0 - Main Floor Plan
A3.0- Upper Floor Plan
A4.0 - Roof Plan
A5.0 - Reflected Ceiling Plans
A6.0 - North and South Elevations
A7.0 - East and West Elevations
A8.0 - Building Sections
A9.0 - Building Sections
A10.0 - Wall Sections and Details
A11.0 - Details and Interior Elevations
A12.0 - Conceptual Electrical Plans
A13.0 - Exterior Perspectives
A14.0 Interior Perspectives
SP1 - Site Plan

Our Revit sheets have schedules and other important information already in place, and they are ready for you to drop in your views. 


Are you sick of setting up and coordinating your phase filter with your phase. These options can be confusing: Show all, Show Complete, Show Demo + New, Show New, Show Previous + Demo, Show Previous + New, and Show Previous Phase. 

With this template, you'r views are set up and ready to go!
Landscaping Plan
Lower Floor Plan
Lower Floor Plan - Electrical
Lower Floor Plan - HVACLower Floor Plan - Demo
Lower Floor Plan - Existing
Lower Floor Plan - Presentation
Main Floor Plan
Main Floor Plan - Electrical
Main Floor Plan - HVAC
Main Floor Plan - Demo
Main Floor Plan - Existing
Main Floor Plan - Presentation
Upper Floor Plan
Upper Floor Plan - Electrical
Upper Floor Plan - HVAC
Upper Floor Plan - Demo
Upper Floor Plan - Existing
Upper Floor Plan - Presentation
Roof Plan
Site Plan


Ceiling Plans, 3D Views, Elevations, and Sections.


Provide more value by offering
 material takeoffs and schedules. 

Our Templates come with these pre-loaded ready to go schedules and takeoffs.

Area Schedule
Basement Door Schedule
Basement Window Schedule
Casework Material Takeoff
Drawing List
Electrical Fixture Schedule
Main Floor Door Schedule
Main Floor Window Schedule
Overall Door Schedule
Overall Window Schedule
Plumbing Fixture Schedule
Roof Material Takeoff
Upper Floor Door Schedule
Upper Floor Window Schedule
Wall Material Takeoff


We have upgraded our views to add a more pleasing look to our exterior shaded views.  Take a look at the standard Revit views vs. the ones that come in our template.


2D symbols become 3D Render Ready Objects (ex. Light symbols become renderable objects) 
- COUNT: 24

 Alarm Annotation 
 Condition Change 
 Design Team for Cover 
 Electrical Fixture - Generic - Exhaust Fan Light Electrical Fixture - Generic - Smoke Detector Electrical Fixture - Generic - Speaker 
 Light Fixture - 6 inch Recessed Can 
 Light Fixture - Ceiling Fan 
 Light Fixture - Exterior Light 
 Light Fixture - Generic Pendant 
 Light Fixture - Generic Surface Mount 
 Light Fixture - Generic Wall Mount 
 Light Fixture - Generic Wet Location 
 Lighting Fixture - Generic 2D 
 North Arrow 
 North Arrow - Actual North 
 North Arrow - Working North 
 Outlet Annotation 
 Outlet Annotation_220 
 Reading Light Fixture - Generic Wall Mount 
 Switch Annotation 
 Switch Annotation w/ Label 
 Telephone Data


Use proper floors to ensure detailing moves quickly on the back end.
- COUNT: 17 -
Finish Floor - 2.25" Hardwood Flooring 
Finish Floor - 2.25" Hardwood Flooring over rosin paper 
Finish Floor - 4x4 Tile 
Finish Floor - 6x6 Tile 
Finish Floor - Carpet 
Structural Floor - 2x6 Wood Framing 
Structural Floor - 2x8 Wood Framing 
Structural Floor - 2x8 Wood Framing - 2x6 Wood Decking 
Structural Floor - 2x10 Wood Framing 
Structural Floor - 3/4" T&G Plywood Sheathing over 2x10 Framing 
Structural Floor - 3/4" T&G Plywood Sheathing over 2x12 Framing 
Structural Floor - 3/4" T&G Plywood Sheathing over 9 1/2" I-Joist Framing 
Structural Floor - 3/4" T&G Plywood Sheathing over 11 7/8" I-Joist Framing 
Structural Floor - 3/4" T&G Plywood Sheathing over 14" I-Joist Framing 
Structural Floor - 4" Cast-in-Place Concrete 
Structural Floor - 6" Cast-in-Place Concrete
Structural Floor - 12" Cast-in-Place Concrete


Make quick arrangements with the embedded families.

- COUNT: 10 -
Chair - Albert - ArmChair Sierra 
Chair - Albert - Corner Seater Sierra Chair 
Chair - Albert - Single Seater Chair Vienna 
Chair - Karim Rashid - Alo Side Chair 
Bed - Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King sizes 
Stool - Tai - Bar Stool 
Table - Boss Design - Milli Table Large 
Table - Boss Design - Milli Table Small 
Table - Dining Television - Plasma

Electrical Equipment &

Add value by offering to produce electrical plans

Electrical Panel 
Alarm Panel 
Ceiling Fan - Modern 
Ceiling Speaker 
Fan Light Combo 
Outlet-220 Single 
Smoke Detector 
Ceiling - Flat Round 
Downlight - Fluorescent Strip 
Downlight - Recessed Can 
Downlight - Wet Location 
Pendant Simple 
Vanity Wall Mounted 
Wall Lamp - Bracket 
Wall Pack Light - Exterior


Construction Focused

Use our two part wall series to create a correct model. First lay down your stud wall for example a "Exterior - 5 1/2" Wood Framing " then and your exterior finish after massing has taken place. For example a "Exterior Finish - 3/4" Cedar over 1/2" CDX Plywood" wall. This way you can properly overlap the floor box's. 
Exterior - 5 1/2" Wood Framing 
Exterior - 5 1/2" Wood Framing - 1/2" Gyp Interior
Exterior - 5 1/2" Wood Framing - Double 1/2" Gyp Interior 
Exterior Finish - 3/4" Cedar over 1/2" CDX Plywood 
Exterior Finish - 3/4" Vertical Wood over 1/2" CDX Plywood Exterior Finish - 4" Horizontal Siding over 1/2" CDX Plywood 
Exterior Finish - 6" Horizontal Siding over 1/2" CDX Plywood Exterior Finish - Light Gray Stucco over 1/2" CDX Plywood Exterior Finish - Shake Siding over 1/2" CDX Plywood Exterior Finish - Stone over 1/2" CDX Plywood 

Exterior Finish - Stucco over 1/2" CDX Plywood 
Exterior Roof Wall - 1 1/2" 
Foundation - 8" Concrete Foundation - 10" Concrete Foundation - 12" Concrete 
Interior - 1/2" Gyp Interior - 3 1/2" Wood Framing
Interior - 3 1/2" Wood Framing - Double 1/2" Gyp 
Interior - 3 1/2" Wood Framing - Single 1/2" Gyp 
Interior - 3/4" Glass 
Interior - 4x4 Tile over 1/2" cement wallboard
Interior - 5 1/2" Wood Framing Interior - 5 1/2" 
Wood Framing - Double 1/2" Gyp


Create multiple layouts with kitchen family components.
- COUNT: 16 - 

Bench + Gussets (Parametric) Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 1 Door (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30" Sizes)
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 1 Door - 1 Drawer (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30" Sizes)
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 2 Door (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes)
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 2 Door - 1 Drawer (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes)
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 2 Door - 1 Fixed Drawer (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes) Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 2 Door - 2 Drawer (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes) 
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 2 Drawer (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30" Sizes) Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 3 Drawer (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30" Sizes) Kitchen Cabinet - Base - 4 Drawer (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30" Sizes)
Kitchen Cabinet - Base - Corner - 2 Door - 2 Drawer (36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes) 
Kitchen Cabinet - Upper - 1 Door (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24" Sizes) 
Kitchen Cabinet - Upper - 1 Door Flip up (9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24" Sizes) 
Kitchen Cabinet - Upper - 2 Door (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes)
Vanity Cabinet - Double Door Sink Unit (24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42", 45", 48" Sizes) 
Vanity Counter Top - Round Sink Hole (24")


When it is time to start construction documents, detailing, or just moving further into the design process these items below are essential to getting the job done quickly and correctly.  
  • Quicker production time with these ready made resources.
  • The resources to help you get the job done right.


- COUNT: 5 - 

Footing-Rectangular - 24" x 24" x 12" 
 6" Foundation Slab 
 HSS-Round Hollow Structural Section-Column Timber-Column 
 W-Wide Flange-Column


- COUNT: 4 - 

Steel Column (3" and 6" Diameter) 
 Wood Column (4x4, 6x6)


- COUNT: 18 - 

Circular (Parametric) 
Circular-Handrail (Parametric) 
Fascia-Flat (Parametric) 
Glass Railbase 
Gutter Profile-Bevel(Parametric) 
Handrail Parapet Cap-Precast (Parametric) 
Rail - Round - 1.5 inch
Railing Craftsman 
Rectangular Handrail (Parametric) 
Rectangular Profile (Parametric) 
Reveal Reveal-Brick Course (Parametric) 
Sill-Precase (Parametric) 
Slab Edge-Thickened (Parametric) 
Stair Nosing - Pan Wall
Sweep-Brick Soldier Course (Parametric)


- COUNT: 7 - 

7" max riser 11" tread 
 7" max riser 11" tread - No End Riser 
 7" max riser 11" tread - No Stringers 
 7" max riser 11" tread Concrete 
 7" max riser 11" tread w/ Landing 
 7.75" max riser 10" tread Monolithic Stair


Quickly identify the items you need.
- COUNT: 34

Area Tag 
 Casework Tag 
 Ceiling Tag - Description - Left Aligned 
 Ceiling Tag - Description - Right Aligned Ceiling Tag - Type Name - Left Aligned 
 Ceiling Tag - Type Name - Right Aligned Detail Item Tag - Left Aligned 
 Door Tag - Builder Style - 2009 
 Keynote Tag Lighting Fixture Tag - Description - Left Aligned 
 Lighting Fixture Tag - Description - Right Aligned 
 Material Tag - Description - Left Aligned Material Tag - Description - Right Aligned Mechanical Equipment Tag - Description - Left Aligned 
 Mechanical Equipment Tag - Description - Right Aligned 
Property Line Tag Property Line Tag-Radius Revision Tag 
 Roof Tag - Description - Left Aligned 
 Roof Tag - Description - Right Aligned 
 Roof Tag - Type Name - Left Aligned 
 Roof Tag - Type Name - Right Aligned 
 Room Tag Room Tag - Floor Finish 
 Spot Elevation - Crosshair 
 Spot Elevation - Target Filled 
 Stair Tag - Arial 
 Structural Column Tag 
 Structural Framing Tag 
 Wall Tag - Description - Left Aligned 
 Wall Tag - Mark 
 Wall Tag - Type Name - Left Aligned 
 Wall Tag - Type Name - Right Aligned 
 Window Tag


Complete Construction Document set quickly with these detailed components.
- COUNT: 39

2D Car 
 Anchor Bolts Hook - Side 
 Break Line 
 Filled Region - Blown - Insulation 
 Filled Region - Concrete 
 Filled Region - Diagonal Crosshatch 
 Filled Region - Diagonal Crosshatch - Transparent 
 Filled Region - Diagonal Down 
 Filled Region - Diagonal Down - Transparent Filled Region - Diagonal Down Small 
 Filled Region - Diagonal Up 
 Filled Region - Horizontal Lines 
 Filled Region - Large Rocks 
 Filled Region - Light Gray 
 Filled Region - Light Gray - Transparent 
 Filled Region - Ortho Crosshatch 
 Filled Region - Small Rock 
 Filled Region - Solid Black 
 Filled Region - Steel 
 Filled Region - Stucco 
 Filled Region - Vertical Lines 
 Filled Region - White Opaque 
 Filled Region - Wood 1 
 Filled Region - Wood 2 
 Filled Region - Wood Chips
 Filled Region - Wood 
Finish Flashing - Cap 
 Flashing - Cap + Cleat 
 Gypsum Board Line Based 
 Gypsum Board Line Based - Low Detail 
 LVL - Masking 
 Parapet Wall Drain 
 Shower head 
 Tonge and Groove Siding 
 Wood - Dimensional 
(1x2, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x6 - TREATED SILL, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12) 
 Wood - Finish (1x2, 1x4, 1x6)
Revit Detail Items
Revit Detail Items


- COUNT: 8 -

Air Conditioner - Outside Unit 
Refrigerator - 48" Wide 


- COUNT: 12 -

Shower Head-3D 
 Shower Stall-2D 
 Sink Kitchen-Double 
 Sink Kitchen-Island 
 Sink Kitchen-Single 
 Sink Vanity-Round 
 Tub-Free Standing 
 Water Heater


- COUNT: 3 -

Railing - Modern Cable 
Railing - Modern Glass 
Railing - Traditional


- COUNT: 9 - 

Roof - 12" Steel Roofing over 1/2" CDX Plywood and Wood Trusses
Roof - Asphalt Shingles over 1/2" CDX Plywood and Wood Trusses 
Fascia - Flat 1x4 
Fascia - Flat 1x6 
Fascia - Flat 1x8 
Fascia - Flat 1x10 
Fascia - Flat 1x12 
Gutter - Bevel 5" x 5" 
Hardie soffit


- COUNT: 4 - 

Finish Ceiling - 1x4 T&G Cherry Wood 
Finish Ceiling - 5/8" Gypsum 
Finish Soffit - 1/2" OSB - 1x2 Furring - 1x4 T&G Cedar Structural Ceiling - 2x4 Truss Chords


- COUNT: 14 -
Closet Shelf and Pole
 Closet Shelf and Pole - U
 Closet shelf and rod - L
  Downspout - Wall Mounted
 Fireplace Direct Vent Gable Bracket
 Generic Opening
 Interior - Arched Opening
 Interior - Opening
 Scupper - Thru Wall
 Shelving - L - with Ledgers
 Splash Block
 Window Trim Single - 1x4 Wrap + Apron



Symbolic Lines
All models are created so that only symbolic lines show in plan views. This allows your model to regenerate more quickly, and run smoother.  Also the files are clean with no excess information, dwgs, or other such things are in the files.


Flexible Families
Our tables flex or have types to meet different sizes. Our beds types include: King, Queen, California King, Single, Double, Full


Render quickly with confidence
When you want to impress: clients, professors, or peers more students and professionals are turning to quality Revit Furniture content that helps them stand out above the rest. 

As seen above with the Barcelona chair, rendered multiple times with varying adjustments, each piece of furniture is paired up with the best possible material in order to make sure the best possible look is achieved. 
Click on the images to see all the 395 families you get in your LIFT.

The entire package come in individual Revit files, with rendered views and one large revit file.

Feel free to skip to your particular situation.

Only a few of the 100's of resumes, and dozens of candidates we have interviewed stood above the rest. Those students get multiple offers from varying firms and are usually quickly employed. How do they manage this when they went to the same school as you and got the same grades? Those at the bottom of the class think that the students are just talented, and that is sometimes true, but more often than not the secret to their success is that they go the extra mile and they work harder. They don't use default render materials, they use custom content, they add entourages, Photoshop effects and people to their images. They buy packages, they read blogs, they work late, they learn different techniques, the go above and beyond the default settings and it shows!

When most of my classmates were finding it hard to land a job I had three offers in New York city (one from Daniel Libeskind), and I graduated from North Dakota (the middle of no where)! My business partner and I would buy texture, people, and vegetation packages. We would seek out additional training and get a leg up. Later this helped us create our firm only a couple years out of college and jump start our carriers.

We have students applying for jobs showing us default Revit templates and standards. This does not stand out. 

You, the army, or your parents pay on average $10,000 a year on tuition! Not including room, board, and other expenses which adds at least another $10,000 a year. Times that by four or five years plus interest, and you are looking at one large sum! With that you come out with a good education and have the same job prospects as most of your piers. 

                                                                 But what if you could have a get up for a fraction of the cost?

Inevitably most of you drink, on occasion. In Fargo I tried to limit myself to $25 per night that I would go out, and I could only accomplish this feat by pregameing and hitting the drive bars first. Now I am going to assume your drinks are more expensive than the $2 Jack and cokes we could find at the Bismark, and you could easily find yourself spending $50 a night. Am I telling you to stop drinking... nooo! I am just pointing out that you have the resources to put yourself ahead of your class, and to not be the kid living in your parents basement after you graduated because your old room dad turned it into his game room with a flat screen, or moms turned into a candle making shop. So for now let go for a little while of the poor college kid card, and start thinking like a rich (smart) investor.


Congratulations, you have a good job at a decent firm. If they just listened a little more to your ideas you would be thrilled. Overall you love what you do, you have a few friends around the workplace, and your pretty happy. But I know you lived though the recession. You saw some of your friends get laid off, or you even got laid off yourself. As much as it is nice to think, FINALLY SOME JOB SECURITY, you know deep down it's not true. The bottom line is bigger than your relationship with the boss or even the past 10 years you have given to the firm.

Now there are two ways to increase your safety net. 1) Become a more valued asset to the firm. Make suggestions that save time, create value for the customer, or improve the employee satisfaction at the firm. 2) Moonlight. Now this might be forbidden at your firm, frowned upon, or even encouraged. Both solutions involve learning something new, creating a better work flow, or implementing a new strategy to help you out. Take a look at the options below, and ask yourself is there anything in these packages that could possibly help your grow, increase your ability to get jobs, or show your value at work? Psss. the answer is yes.


Zig Ziglar says that salesmen should be comfortable with their jobs when they know that the benefit of the product they are selling is more that the price they are asking for. Implementing a lesson learned, and new component or a better idea across your firm will far exceed the price you pay for this product. Plus there is basically a free trial, so you have nothing to lose. Smart BIM managers and business leaders know that they have to balance confidence with a humility that allows them to keep knowing that they need to improve. This drive comes from the very real knowledge that not evolving leads to stagnation and death.

If your firm has a BIM manager or even a decent management structure it is safe to assume that your firm has 10 or more employees. Each one of these employees is a huge investment that if mismanaged can cost your firm a large amount of money. Each gain in efficiency, every incremental improvement increases your bottom line, adds to your profit, and keeps you competitive. There are many resource below that could help you from: finally getting that content piece made that you have been putting off forever, adding to your content library, reviewing your templates against others, or setting up Revit for the first time? You have multiple people working on various projects spending hundreds of man hours each week, and the only real question your need to ask yourself is the one below.

 Bonus # 1 - Learn from examples!


Professionally, our builders set make more money per hour than our custom homes.
  • Our most productive ($) sets.
  • See first hand how simple a builders set can be.
Get this full builders set in Revit format and see how easy they are set up. This design is currently being built in Colorado and plans like these sell for over $1,000 and up to $4,000 each on residential plan sites. Get this set for a fraction of the cost, and increase the amount of money you are making per project.

Revit makes it easy to turn your preliminary designs into a profitable builders set.


Do you know what details you need to complete a duplex drawing? Want to become quicker at producing these drawings accurately. With this set you will:
  • See how framing plans fit in with architectural drawings
  • Get the duplex details needed 
  • Have an excellent example file you can pull items from.
Its worth having this set with it's structural design criteria, details, and the full electrical plans in order to increase your knowledge and efficiency. 


Almost every designer at one time in his/her life will design a home (even if it is a dream home for themselves).
  • Get the views, sheets, and how framing plans fit in with architectural drawings
  • See how a residential construction set is organized 
  • Have an example lofted deck as a guide for future projects

Comes with full Revit file and also PDF sheets file set. All families, components, view, and sheets included.
A few example images of the Residential Construction Set


Guarantee #1

Professional-level quality

You will see how to model exactly like a building would get built.  The Construction Sets, models and the LIFT template has been created with quality and attention. 
Guarantee #2

Deep & lasting results

Upon using the LIFT system you'll notice virtually instant results in your design and constitution sets. 

We will do everything in our power to help you out.
Guarantee #3

Impact on Your life

The LIFT system will empower your ability to produce great models and content.

We stick by our claims.  If for any unlikely reason The Silva Life System doesn’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email and you will be refunded within 30 days of your date of purchase.

Take advantage of our 30 Day Guarantee and experience the power of the LIFT, today!

You only live once—and life is way too short to be spent struggling.

So why settle for mediocrity in your career

The Silva Life System trains you to tap into your mind, and triumph over your every limitation.

With a little help from The LIFT System, you can have a breakthrough.

What is the price to get a LIFT?

Students: The price for LIFT is the same you would pay for a chemistry, physics, etc. textbook or that you would pay for the material to make one physical model. The benefits here are that the resources you get can be used to make MANY different models NOT just one.  

Professionals: The question to ask yourself is: "Will you save 2 billable hour per month for the duration of your purchase?" Hint, the answer is yes! The overall clarity of the templates, content pieces and examples provided will save you HOURS per project. We know this because we have successfully done it during the great recession, our customers have done it, and our students have leapfrogged from first year students to third year or above in presentation quality. 
Q: What if I can't afford the payment.

Can you afford to miss out on thousands of dollars of work? Is spending one billable hour a month to possibly save dozens worth it? Right now the economy is coming back, can you afford to waste time? Can you miss out on scaling up your production? Can you afford working extra hours on your projects and losing money? Can you afford not getting a project done on time because you did not set it up right? No you can't, and there is a money back guarantee, so you are risking nothing!

Q: How is everything delivered to me?

By email, after purchase you will receive an email with a direct link to where to download all of the information! No log in or passwords to lose.

The only question you need to ask yourself is:
Will you save at least 2 BILLABLE HOUR EVERY MONTH to justify this purchase? 

Isn't yet another long, boring, tedious, and time-draining search for content the last thing you need in your life?

 The LIFT 2 Minute Set Up 

and follow the easy prompts
2) Download and unzip the file. Place the file where it can be easily found. 
3) In Revit, click "Open" then "Project" and locate the template file you want to open. Save the the file as a project with a new name, and start designing!



 + Bonus #1: Three Revit Construction Sets
+ Bonus #2:  395 Revit Families

Monthly payment option.

Over a $4,000 value for
10 monthly payments of $120

Single payment. 

Over a $4,000 value for
One time payment of $980
This beta program will allot 16 hours of modeling time to get your project started. 
Absolutely the best deal you can find on the internet, guaranteed. 
Click on either "Subscribe" or "Get instant Access" now to start. 

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