Welcome RevitKid fans!

No we are not Revit Genius that can easily make a quintuple-quadruple-inverted-parametric-double-hexagon at the drop of a hat. But we have spent a lot of time creating Revit content for ourselves and for tons and tons of other clients... over 200 different manufactures. We have our own design business and we know what works in the real world, how to build it, and we have translated that to you in these models.


All models are created so that only symbolic lines show in plan views. This allows your model to regenerate more quickly, and run smoother.  Also the files are clean with no excess information, dwgs, or other such things are in the files.


Our tables flex or have types to meet different sizes. Our beds types include: King, Queen, California King, Single, Double, Full


When you want to impress: clients, professors, or peers more students and professionals are turning to quality Revit Furniture content that helps them stand out above the rest. 

As seen above with the Barcelona chair, rendered multiple times with varying adjustments, each piece of furniture is paired up with the best possible material in order to make sure the best possible look is achieved. ​​
Below see all the 395 families you get in your LIFT.

Master file view.

What you get.

410 individual family files
Rendered images for each model
1 Master file with every family

One Payment of $199
If you have any questions or comments email me directly at akg@f9productions.com